New Leipzig Talents.

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Be a part of New Leipzig Talents!

In fall 2016, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management has launched a leadership competency development program for new students: New Leipzig Talents. Participants will learn and improve upon their strengths with personal coaching by outstanding personalities from business and society. Embark now on your path to develop your competencies!



Education and practical training are no longer enough to lead a sucessful professional life. More than ever, it has become important to develop your competencies in order to find the creative solutions necessary for the challenges of the modern business world. 




Competencies are not learned in the classroom, but learned in practice. This emphasis on application is pervasive of the New Leipzig Talents program.  




The coaching at New Leipzig Talents comes in to answer these questions: Which experiences take you further? What are your real strengths? How can developing your strengths affect your future?




New Leipzig Talents is an invitation to reflect on your personal leadership competencies and enhance them as called for by the Leipzig Leadership Model with its strong emphasis on purpose and contribution to the greater good.


"The ideal participant is motivated and prepared to work on their own competency profile to leave his or her existing comfort zone and try new things. The program participants benefit from the experience of their coaches, gain new perspectives on themselves and others, and can better assess and explore their unique previously hidden talents."


Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt  |  Dr. Arend Oetker Chair OF Business PSYCHOLOGY AND LEADERSHIP

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Have a look at and read about what previous participants have gained from New Leipzig Talents.

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“About New Leipzig Talents I mostly liked that there is time for my individual concerns and that I get feedback on that from an experienced professional from the industry.”

Anika Baumhauer



“Business requires careful guidance of an experienced hand to teach you the subtleties and in this effect, New Leipzig Talents was instrumental as I was able to work very closely with my coach to learn from his experience and also to gain a better understanding of a modern business environment.”

Aneesh Bhardwaj



“Especially after very stressful periods, you recognize that stepping back and evaluating the situation from a different perspective would have helped in order to come to the best possible result. New Leipzig Talents helped me particularly to work on this skill: step back, come to a meta-level, evaluate the situation from another angle and decide what to do.”

Peter Weis



Your Experience


It's all about personal growth!

New Leipzig Talents is about developing your personality. During the six month program, you are individually assigned to an experienced coach. The aim of the program is to illuminate your personality from new perspectives and to provide impetus for the development of your talents and strengths.



Use your individual competency profile and your coach’s advice to master new ways of thinking and acting to further develop yourself.



Experienced business and government leaders perform the coaching role to assist participants on the way to developing their competencies.



New Leipzig Talents is a unique recognized program with motivating events and a host of networking opportunities.


Want to get involved? Then apply as ...





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