The Four Competencies

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We Are Focused

Based on competency research and in alignment with the mission and vision of the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management,  four leading competencies were selected and encorporated into a competency model. This model forms the foundation for the New Leipzig Talents program.

Below are the competency model and summaries of each of the four primary competencies. For more information, click on the "Learn More" buttons below.

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The ability to asses your own actions critically and come to a realistic reflection. Appropriate self-reflection allows you to foster a productive attitude, increase motivation and refine how others perceive you. These factors will enable you to shape and creatively develop as a person in professional capacities and beyond.


Earning trustworthiness

The ability to build long-term relationships with deep trust as the core building block. Trustworthiness is signaled through informed, coherent and predictable behavior over time. Earning Trustworthiness is possible by approaching others openly with integrity and possessing a generally benevolent attitude.


Societal Mindfulness

The ability to be mindful and sensitive to complex managerial, organizational, and societal situations. This competency aims to take the "big picture" perspective and to develop this perspective into actions for the benefit of others as well as the common good.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ability to innovate and stay organized in a world of uncertainty. Entrepreneurial Spirit integrates previous skills with a personal attitude that embraces change at its core. A pronounced entrepreneurial spirit helps to question traditional ideas and to develop new and innovative solutions.


“While in career coaching we focus on goals and strategies, the New Leipzig Talents program specifically focuses on expanding your own personal competencies.”

Martina Beermann|  HEAD OF Career Development / Employer Relations

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